Outline Industries is now producing Hand Sanitizer to help combat Covid-19

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Covid-19 Response Products

Products produced right here in our factory located in Boyne City, Michigan.

No overseas brokering or long lead times! If you can buy it on the site, it's in-stock and will ship Same Day*

The brands of Outline Industries

Outline Industries LLC, was formed in 2010 by Jonathon and Lindy Thompson, at this time, the company was focused primarily on stencils for pavement marking. In 2012 the company acquired the 1-800-Stencil brand and moved the stencil product to this brand name. In 2012 the couple also formed Torque-Tight, an automotive safety accessory for commercial vehicles. Stripe Quote was added to the company in the spring of 2014, this iPad application is designed as a free tool for pavement marking contractors to utilize as a free and simple way to quote parking lot striping jobs.  Ez Stripe has been in the works since the fall of 2016, Ez Stripe is a platform for property managers to purchase striping services and our proprietary software will match the project with the nearest qualified contractor to complete the job. Stool Tools is a pet project of Jonathon's, that utilizes a patented 3 chamber pouch to hold 3 different wipes. As we expand the holdings of Outline Industries, we remember the humble beginnings that have led us to this point. There will be future endeavors and products, so stay tuned for more!